Thursday, 14 November 2019

School Community Survey 2019

The Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone who completed the recent School Community survey.

We are pleased to see that a representative from a third of all families in the school responded, and this has given us great insight into how satisfied you are with Stanhope.  92% of you, the school whānau, either ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Agree’ that you would recommend the school to friends and family. There are 96% who agree that their child's classroom teacher is welcoming and available. The Board of Trustees are also pleased that 75% of whānau agree that the board are governing the school effectively - a good outcome for a new board.

You gave us lots of open feedback that we have enjoyed reading. There is a strong request for more activities and community events. You are pleased with the changes to our grounds; however you would like continued investment in them, and more artwork around the school. Also, you would like additional resources for our learners, including greater access to digital devices. Together with student and teacher voice, we are looking to how this can be incorporated into future strategic planning.

All of the results were very encouraging; and as different initiatives get rolled out next year, we're sure that these results will improve.

Watch this space!
Whakahoahoa, Ākonga, Kaitiaki

The home straight

Kia ora koutou | greetings, 
We have now had our Board strategic planning evaluation and annual self-review with our latest Board meeting.

We have also looked at the results of the Community Survey. We had a good response, so thank you to everyone who took the time to complete this and to provide feedback to the school. 

Key items covered at the meeting:
¤ Introducing - board member Paia Terepo introduced herself to the group.
¤ Funding applications - the PSG are applying to charitable trusts for funding for swimming pool landscaping and Astro turf. 
¤ Policies reviewed - Education Outside The Classroom, and Sun Protection were both reviewed and accepted. You can check them out at the SchoolDocs portal. 
¤ Board Stewardship self-review - we identified and provided evidence for the areas of our stewardship that we are doing well in, and highlighted our next steps and areas for improvement in 2020.

As always, parents are welcome to attend Board of Trustees meetings. The dates can be found on the website, and the agenda is sent out on the School App the weekend before.

Until next time!
Whakahoahoa, Ākonga, Kaitiaki

Sunday, 18 August 2019

In full swing

Kia ora koutou | greetings,
We have now had our third board meeting and everyone is starting to feel a bit more at ease.
It was great to have Jenny Johnston from the Parent Support Group come along to present their future fundraising plans.

We are also excited to announce that Paia Terepo has been co-opted back onto the Board of Trustees for her extensive experience and matauranga Māori.

Key items covered at the meeting:
¤ Introducing - board member Jonathan Embleton introduced himself to the group.
¤ Funding applications - the PSG are applying to charitable trusts for funding for swimming pool landscaping and Astro turf.
¤ Policies reviewed - Staff Performance Management, and Health, Safety & Welfare were both reviewed and accepted. You can check them out at the SchoolDocs portal.
¤ Out-of-zone ballot numbers - we voted to increase the number of out-of-zone students to 30 for 2020.

As always, parents are welcome to attend Board of Trustees meetings. The dates can be found on the website, and the agenda is sent out on the School App the weekend before.

Until next time!
Whakahoahoa, Ākonga, Kaitiaki

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The new board has started!

Kia ora koutou | greetings,
The Board of Trustees elections are over, and we are very grateful that the Stanhope process was smooth, in comparison to many other schools. Last night was our first meeting with the newly elected board.
It was great to have many of the last board present at the beginning of the meeting, and to be able to thank them for their immense contribution to the school. Their words of wisdom to the incoming board were very much appreciated. Thank you for your strong governance and expertise Jenny Joe, Dean Spittle and Paia Terepo.

Before continuing, David Grant was reappointed chairperson,  due to his experience in the role.
Key items covered:
¤ Induction - much of the meeting was spent introducing the board to our responsibilities. This included our tīkanga, our processes, and our code of conduct.
¤ The standing agenda - we then followed with a pretty standard meeting format, covering the National Administration Guidelines. We spent time on the new jargon and trying to ensure that everyone was comfortable with the process.
¤ NZSTA conference - each year the NZ School Trustees Association holds a conference for the professional development of trustees. This year it is being held in Dunedin, and given that we have a new board, we agreed that it is important to give an opportunity to attend.

As always, parents are welcome to attend Board of Trustees meetings. The dates can be found on the website, and the agenda is sent out on the School App the weekend before.

Until next time!
Whakahoahoa, Ākonga, Kaitiaki

Monday, 1 April 2019

Board of Trustees triennial elections

Kia ora koutou | greetings,

This year holds the special privilege of being another election year for School Boards of Trustees nationwide.

What is the Board of Trustees?
The board is a collection of individuals from the community who are democratically elected to govern a school. They are kaitiaki of the school, expected by the Ministry of Education to adhere to seven different facets of leadership and risk management.

Why should I join the Board of Trustees?
The school needs a board that reflects the community that they are a part of. The vision and desires of  school whānau need to be represented on the board. The specific skills or knowledge required can be learnt - training is provided through our trustee induction program and the NZSTA (NZ School Trustees Assoc.).

What is expected of a trustee?
Trustees are expected to attend a three hour meeting once a month, and do any of the pre-reading required (approx. one hour). There is also an annual strategic planning day, and the option to be involved in other specialist committees. Our meetings are advised in the SchoolApp, so please feel free to come along and observe a meeting if you are interested.

What about the Tomorrow's Schools review of Boards of Trustees?
Many of you have probably heard of the current education review which may result in reduced responsibilities for the Board of Trustees. It is not our belief that this can be enacted prior to the 2019 election and,  until we hear otherwise, we will continue the process as normal.

How do I become a trustee?
This is an election year, so you're in luck! Before long you will receive a notice from the school asking for nominations for the Board of Trustees. This request will include an example template to complete, including a photo. Our election date is 31st May (slightly earlier than the official national date) and we are looking for five parent representatives for the Board of Trustees.

This is your opportunity to govern the direction of the school and provide great educational outcomes for all of our tamariki.

Ko matou ngā hoa, ngā ākonga, ngā kaitiaki hoki i roto i ngā korero me ngā mahi kātoa | we are friends, learners, and guardians in all we say and do

Monday, 11 February 2019

The year kicks off

Kia ora koutou, greetings!

We had our first Board of Trustees meeting for the year last night, and I am very excited about the pace and what will be happening in the school in the near future! It is enjoyable working with our new principal and we were very fortunate to have the attendance of two visiting parents, who were simply interested in what we do. It would be fabulous to continue to garner interest.

This update will summarise some of the key pieces of work that we discussed. We hope that you enjoy the read.

¤ Digitisation - this is a focus for 2019.           
At the beginning of the year we launched the new SchoolApp. It now has had over 250 downloads, but we would love it if all parents could download it. Please do so, if you haven't already.
We have also implemented the new sign- in process on tablet. This helps the school to know who should be on the school premises during school hours, and who needs to be accounted for in the event of emergency.
Another exciting development is that our school policies are now available online, for parents to read, review and feedback on. This took a while to get finalised from last year, but we're there. Instructions on how to access these will be coming shortly.
The school topic of inquiry this year is innovation and we hope to deliver a new digital curriculum later in the year. This is a very exciting new development that the Ministry of Education has rolled out, to prepare students for a digital future.
You've probably noticed that our website is feeling a little out-of-date, so we will be refreshing this in the near future. Watch this space!

¤ Board of Trustee elections - this year is election year!
We have over half of our board members stepping down at the end of the election term (because their kids have finished school), and we would like to have lots of new parents showing interest in joining the board. If this is something that you would consider, then please contact the school or BoT ( and we will invite you to the next couple of meetings we have.
We will be aiming to elect five parent trustees.

¤ Driveway, pool and playground - making Stanhope look better.
The board have committed to improving the Harris Rd entrance of the school. Money has been budgeted for a reseal of the driveway and fencing improvements to make it much safer and more attractive to newcomers. This is likely to be a multi-year endeavour, but we believe will dramatically improve perceptions of our great school.
Our amazing Parent Support Group have obtained grant funding to upgrade our pool seating and shade environment, so we can look forward to an improved spectator experience.
Thanks also to the Parent Support Group for the hugely popular OREX spinner, and please note that plans are underway for the remainder of that area.

Thank you Mr Wilson and to the Stanhope staff for a great start to the year.

Until next time!
Whakahoahoa, Ākonga, Kaitiaki

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Principal appointed!

Tēnā koutou katoa

The Stanhope Road School Board of Trustees are very excited to announce the appointment of Mr Zane Wilson Principal  2019.

Zane is currently the Associate Principal of Wakaaranga School in Farm Cove, a position he has held for the last five years.  Prior to this Zane has worked in a variety of schools including, Edendale Primary School, Sandringham and John McGlashan College, Dunedin.

Zane impressed the Board with his leadership experience, strong curriculum knowledge, and overall passion for diversity and creativity. Zane has implemented a number of innovative programmes at Wakaaranga School, and we look forward to him working with our staff, children and whānau community to ensure Stanhope Road School delivers to our vision of being creative, collaborative and inclusive.  We are very much looking forward to working with him.
On the whole, we received a positive response to the advertised position and consequently, a high calibre of applications.
It is testament to the great work of the leaders, teachers and Board of the school. The Principal advisor we used to assist with the appointment process stated that we are an attractive school. We are very grateful for her independent professional assistance. Finally, thank you to everyone; staff, students and whānau, for your contribution and your patience throughout the appointment process. Please join me in congratulating both Zane and ourselves for what we have accomplished.

Whakahoahoa, Ākonga, Kaitiaki