Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Stanhope community is highly engaged

We are super happy with the level of engagement of our parents. You guys are awesome! Both the 92% response rate to the Home School Conferences and the 75% response rate to our School Satisfaction survey are testament to this.

It is also great to see that over 90% of families would recommend the school to friends and neighbours. We are friendly, welcoming and there is good learning going on at school.

Here is the latest update of events at Stanhope Road School:
¤ the Board of Trustees are in the process of selecting a new trustee, and perhaps co-opting another. We have had good interest shown by potential candidates
¤ the Mt Wellington school cluster that Stanhope is part of was deemed by the Ministry of Education to be a high-performing cluster, so we have received funding as a Community Of Schools under the new IES scheme. This is huge recognition of our collaborative, sharing approach with our other local primary schools and One Tree Hill College
¤ the new school uniform has almost been finalised. An even split in the voting means that both the black and red polo shirt options will be offered
¤ our  e-learning audit was completed and presented to the board at the last meeting. A planning team is now developing a future strategy based on the recommendations
¤ the school now has a new caretaker/handyman to help Mrs Cater with the enormous task of looking after the grounds. Hopefully you are noticing the change

Finally, a huge thank you to Caroline Evile who has recently stepped down from leading our Parent Support Group after many years. Caroline,  your contribution has been much appreciated.

Until next time.
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