Thursday, 12 March 2015

On your marks... get set...

Isn't the year flying by?

We are already almost through the first term and it has been some time since giving an update. The Board of Trustees have had two productive meetings so far, and what follows is a summary of events to date:
¤ our Charter for 2015 has been developed and submitted to the Ministry of Education. We were given a clear and comprehensive preview by Ms Hansell at Whanau night. Copies of the Charter can be found in the office and on the website
¤ we have a vacancy on the board, after one of our team resigned, and we have opted to select a new member. If you would prefer an election then please email before 13th April  (if at least ten percent of eligible school community voters request an election, then we will hold an election. Note that an election is where the school community vote for nominated candidates; on the other hand, selection is an internal process where a nominee is chosen by the board)
¤ the new school uniform is progressing nicely, and we are almost ready to present a couple of options for voting on. We will keep you posted
¤ our school is undergoing an e-learning audit, and this will help us to develop our technology strategy for the future. 

Finally, we would like to thank Linda for her important contribution to the Board of Trustees over the last year and a half. Her expertise, attention to detail and humour will be missed.

Until next time, 
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