Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Principal Appointed

The Stanhope Road School Board of Trustees are very excited to announce the appointment of Ms Corinne Hansell to the permanent Principal role.

Corinne is exceptionally well qualified, having recently been awarded a Queen's Service Medal for Services to Education. Not only does she have a wealth of experience as a Principal, but she has also worked on innovative digital curriculum initiatives in the Tamaki area. We believe that she will be an excellent fit for the school and will continue to drive our future vision for this school.

Corinne was the Principal of Tamaki Primary School for nine years, ending in December 2013. During this time, and under her leadership, the school underwent a complete rebranding and transformation, that included the recapitation of the school bringing in Year 7 and 8 students. She brings valuable leadership experience to our school as we go through our own period of change and rebranding.

We are very much looking forward to working with her.

On the whole, we received a very positive response to the advertised position and consequently, a very high calibre of applications.
In the short time that Corinne has been in the acting role she has accomplished a lot, and her interview was very impressive.
It is testament to the great work of the leaders, teachers and Board of the school. The Principal advisor we used to assist with the appointment process stated that we had a very strong field of candidates. He believes that we are a school on the rise. We are very grateful for his independent professional assistance.

Finally, thank you to everyone; staff, students and parents, for your contribution and your patience throughout the appointment process.

Please join the board in congratulating both Corinne and ourselves for what we have accomplished