Thursday, 24 July 2014

SRS Working Bee

Part of being a friend, learner and guardian is being able to use your skills and abilities to help each other. As a school, we would like to give the parents and children an opportunity to chip in and help make our school a fresher, brighter place.
Later, in August, the Variety Club will be volunteering their time to waterblast, clean and paint our adventure playgrounds. We would love to use this as an opportunity to launch a new Dad's Working Group.  There are quite a few jobs that need to be done. Get in touch with the school if you're interested.

Let's talk!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Showcasing SRS

As we come to end of the second term of the year, and begin the school holidays, I would like to share with you two experiences that I had this morning which really highlight how great Stanhope is:

Early this morning, I had the fortune of meeting with the Mutukaroa coordinator, Mrs Down, to discuss the progress of my youngest son and work out our goals for the next ten weeks. What a fantastic initiative - and I know that we will both get a lot out of it! If you want to find out more about Mutukaroa at Stanhope then contact the school.

The second highlight was having the opportunity to attend the 'Runway Reveals' - the final presentation of the uniform and identity investigations that the students have been doing for the term. The runway collections were amazing. Check them out at:

These ideas and your thorough research will be giving the Board of Trustees a lot to work with when deciding our new look.

All the best to our students traveling to Japan. We hope that you have an experience you'll not soon forget.
To everyone, have a safe and enjoyable school holiday break.

David Grant