Tuesday, 15 April 2014

We have been SNUPPED

You may have noticed the thick, white plastic tubing that is working its way through all of the classrooms and the administration block at Stanhope Rd School. This is a combination of optic fibre and copper wiring that has been installed as part of the School Network Upgrade (SNUP) issued by the Ministry of Education.
Our students and teachers are now connected to the rest of the world by an incredibly fast internet connection, opening up the possibilities for digital collaboration even further.
The upgrade process has been time consuming and has created interruptions to classes, making them move about. In thanks for all of the inconvenience caused to staff over the past term, the Board of Trustees put on a luncheon for all staff today. Enjoy your holidays.

Last Monday (7th April), we had another paperless Board meeting, with continued interest from our parent community. This time, we were able to successfully hold it in the Whanau room. (Our next meeting will be held in the shared learning space in the junior block; as we discuss the exciting new use of this space. Our next meeting is 12th May, so come along.)

Here is a summary of our main discussion on Monday night:

  • We have decided to keep our current enrollment zone, and we want to become the school of choice for the students in our enrollment zone. This will be achieved through wider advertising, and maintaining a regular presence in articles in the local newspapers, where we are able to showcase some of the great things that are going on at Stanhope. We will also encourage people to enroll their children earlier, rather than later, and give them opportunity to look at the school using Open Days
  • Reporting from the school will:
    •  highlight our strategic goals, and include clear actions that parents can assist with
    • show student achievement results for Stanhope students in comparison to the whole of NZ
    • publicise our major achievements from 2013 

Finally, when we all return from our holidays to the new term, the trees will have had a long-needed haircut. All of our trees (including the famous Oma and Ollie) are touching school buildings and gutters, creating potential to damage the property. The trees are iconic around our school, and must be maintained to protect both them and our school community.

'Til next time

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