Monday, 31 March 2014

An exciting last few weeks of term

We're so proud of everything that is going on at the school lately. Two weekends ago, a bunch of teachers and students attended the Auckland Festival of Education. They had a truly inspiring time (and some of our students showed their journalistic talent - interviewing keynote speakers and leaders). We have also been extremely privileged to be the host school for a group of Japanese exchange students from Auckland's sister city, Fukuoka. They were welcomed with a tremendous powhiri on Monday (31st March), and you can follow all of their exploits (hourly) on the SRS facebook page. The SRS Parent Group and SRS Event Managers have also been busy; both teams have organised a raft of exciting activities over the remaining couple of weeks of term. Get into it!

What about the board? Well, the board have been active too. Two weeks ago, a few of us met with a number of other Mt Wellington school boards, and we are looking into some ways of sharing knowledge and resources more effectively between ourselves. This could be part of a bold new adventure.

Our next meeting is Monday, 7th April, where the key discussion will be, "reporting our results and goals back to the community - what media should we use, and what languages should be included?" Come along to the Whanau room at 6.45pm and get to know your Board of Trustees over some light refreshments.

Let's talk!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Our first paperless Board of Trustees meeting

As the title suggests, last Monday (10th March), we successfully completed our first (almost) paperless Board meeting, and I want to thank the school for the investment that they have made in Google Chromebooks and Learning in the Cloud. Working interactively online made the meeting more efficient and possibly even more enjoyable.

Thanks also have to go to the parents who responded to our invitation and came along to see what our meetings are like. It was encouraging to have you all there showing an interest in the school - a very positive start to the year.

Here is a summary of our key discussions on the night:
  • A representative from the Ministry of Education, John Parrish, came and spoke to us about our zoning options. Using their mapping software, they have mapped the locations of most students at SRS (as well as the locations of students from other schools). There are many other schools that have students from our zone, and we have to consider what the implications of this are. We have asked John to carry out some further analysis, and then we will make our decision. Watch this space.
  • Our school charter has been completed and will be communicated shortly. This will include keeping a copy on the school website, in the foyer of the school, and highlighting key elements of the new mission and student achievement results on blogs and the school newsletter
Our next meeting is on Monday, 7th April, so think about booking this evening out and seeing some of what goes on behind the scenes at Stanhope Road School. We will tell you the main discussion topics closer to the date.

Remember that we're always happy for you to post your comments on our blog also.

Let's talk!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Stanhope Rd School

Thank you to everyone who made Whanau Night an awesome success. The Board of Trustees had a great time, and we hope that you did to. There were some good conversations held, and we received some constructive feedback on what our parents think of the school.

We received a lot of clear direction, and it is very good to know that the Board, the staff, the students, and the parents think and feel the same way about our school - Stanhope Rd School. Firstly, the name will not be changing; secondly, we will be doing something to improve the uniforms; and thirdly, we have almost finished our Charter document on the mission and values of SRS - based on your voice. Once the wording is finalised, we will make copies available on the website and in the office.

Please continue speaking to us and sharing your thoughts. As you will see in the SRS calendar, the next Board of Trustees meeting is on the 10th March in the Whanau room at 6.45pm. Feel free to come and join us for light refreshments and get to know your Board, prior to the official meeting start time at 7pm.

Let's talk!