Monday, 17 February 2014


Nothing ever stays the same; time always marches on. We have now entered a new year - welcome back everyone - and most of your children have new teachers and have new things to learn.

The same is true of the Board of Trustees, where a new chairperson needs to be elected at the beginning of every year. Our new chairperson is David Grant. Adding further to the excitement, two of our trustees resigned at the end of 2013. It is with regret that we said farewell to our previous chairperson, Dr Nicholas Rowe, and also to Andrea Gordine who played a major role on the SRS Parent Group. They both have extra work commitments this year, and we wish them the best.
Nick's leadership over the last couple of years has been crucial, as the school has worked through a change in principal and the following school-wide transformation. Andrea's involvement with the local marae, and her contribution to discussions on community involvement have been invaluable.

Your voice is very important, and to this end, we are looking to co-opt another member to the SRS Board of Trustees. Board of Trustees meetings are public events, so before each meeting we will put out an invitation for the community to attend, as well as the key discussion topics.

In signing off, we hope to see you and hear your voice at Whanau night on Thursday, 20th Feb.

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