Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hello Parents, Students and Teachers

Welcome to the inaugural blog post from the SRS Board of Trustees. Hopefully this blog will keep you up-to-date with the important issues that we are dealing with as a board. The plan is that there will be a new post every two to four weeks - depending on the intensity of the material we cover.

Our new board are growing together as a team, and under the capable leadership of Nicholas (our chair), we have already had the fortune of meeting together with the boards of other schools in the Tamaki-Maungarei area. We have found this hugely beneficial, so on the 7th November, Stanhope will be hosting the second of these cluster meetings - collaborating with the boards of these local schools.

Another exciting development is our investigation into the identity of SRS. This has been a thread that has run through the student learning throughout the year, and as a board, we are beginning to concentrate on it. A month ago, the Board of Trustees were welcomed by way of a powhiri onto Ruapotaka Marae. This has begun an interesting conversation with the local Kaumatua; one that we intend to continue in the coming months.

Of course, every parent, caregiver, student and teacher also has a role to play in determining the future identity of our school. When you have some time free, please complete the 'SRS Identity Survey' on the right hand side of the SRS homepage. Our annual planning day is approaching, and so we would love to have received some contributions to feed into this process.

Even if you're not comfortable completing the survey, please feel free to speak to any of the board members, including the principal. Your viewpoint is important to us. Let's talk!